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About Me


I am a consultant in global health with 10 years experience in public and private sectors. Global advisor on issues relating to social impact, sustainable development, global health, public health policy, healthcare investment promotion, and market access.

I was previously a senior government official at the Republic of Zambia Ministry of Health, covering global health, government to government, private sector, and academic partnerships. While at the Ministry I was a key member of the Healthcare Policy Team supporting the drafting of new legislation and lobbying key bills through Parliament. 

My earlier background is in clinical healthcare with deep hands-on experience as a senior doctor in emergency medicine with the NHS in the UK. 

I studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. I hold a Masters in Global Health from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicined as well as a diploma in Health Economics from University College Dublin. I am passionate about economic empowerment, decolonizing global health and the attainment of Universal Health Coverage for all.

Areas of Interest



Digital Health and Innovation in Africa

Health System Strengthening

Health Market Access in Zambia

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